Public Procurement 2

Public Procurement

Public procurement must follow the regulations on public procurement, which both contractors and suppliers must have good knowledge of. Rasmussen & Broch has highly specialized expertise in procurement law at the highest level.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in advising both contractors and suppliers in many different industries. Experience from both sides of the table is essential to deliver good services.

For contractors, we assist with:

  • Development of procurement strategy and competition basis
  • Assistance during the evaluation process
  • Evaluation of whether offers/suppliers should be rejected
  • Completion of the competition through award letters and any evaluation of whether the competition should be canceled
  • Insight, complaint, and dispute handling towards suppliers
  • Follow-up in contract implementation
  • Courses and training

For suppliers, we assist with:

  • Review of competition basis and formulation of questions to the contractor
  • Quality assurance of the offer
  • Negotiations
  • Complaint processes against the contractor, complaint bodies, and courts

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