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Dispute Resolution

Disputes between businesses can arise in various forms. To achieve a favourable outcome, it is crucial to have targeted, commercially oriented assistance at all stages of the process.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in all forms of dispute resolution across a wide range of legal areas. Dispute resolution not only involves court proceedings, but also negotiations, both with and without external assistance. Our experience shows that costly and time-consuming legal processes can often be avoided if the parties’ positions are investigated, and potential solutions explored as early as possible.

If a negotiated settlement cannot be reached, we assist in cases before both general courts, in arbitration, or through other forms of alternative dispute resolution. Our attorneys have experience in handling litigation across a broad spectrum of disputes, including:

  • Contractual and tort disputes, such as defects in the delivery of goods and services, breach of contract, and invalid agreements.
  • Transportation and maritime disputes, including issues related to cargo damage, casualties, and charter parties.
  • Labour disputes, such as terminations, dismissals, and workplace environment cases.
  • Real estate disputes, including property transactions, lease agreements, and neighbour rights.
  • Corporate law disputes, including shareholder conflicts and board liability.
  • Disputes related to public procurement and competition law, including complaints and sanctions.
  • Disputes related to intellectual property rights, such as patents, trademarks, and copyright.

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