Insolvency and restructuring 2

Insolvency, restructuring and bankruptcy

We assist lenders, borrowers, company management, and individual creditors in negotiations regarding business restructuring, debt relief, and bankruptcy.

Our bankruptcy lawyers provide legal and strategic advice in the following types of cases:

  • Evaluation of whether a business with financial challenges can and should be restructured under the Restructuring Act. The Restructuring Act provides good tools that can help a company get back on track financially, often through a reduction in debt combined with an injection of new equity. The first step is to conduct an analysis of the company’s financial status and how it can be improved through the tools in the law.
  • We provide advice on all aspects of the process and can assist in negotiations with banks, creditors, contractual counterparts, and government authorities.
  • If it is not feasible to save the existing business through reconstruction, we can provide advice and assistance in connection with the application for liquidation, assist the former management during the bankruptcy proceedings, and potentially assist in the purchase of assets from the estate. Our bankruptcy lawyers are regularly assigned as administrators by the Hordaland District Court and have ongoing proceedings for a number of bankruptcies, several of which have been among the largest bankruptcies on the West Coast. Furthermore, we have assignments as a restructurer under the Restructuring Act.”

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