Governmental administration 2

Governmental administration

The handling of cases in public administration is subject to various legal regulations, including the Administrative Act, Municipal Act, and Freedom of Information Act. Additionally, public administration is subject to various regulatory requirements that vary depending on the area of the case and the administrative agency. Providing good advice to public administration requires both a strong understanding of the law and experience with administrative procedures.

Rasmussen & Broch has extensive experience in advising various administrative agencies and other public entities. Our lawyers have experience as administrative lawyers in tax authorities, competition authorities, and municipal administration. Today, our lawyers work as advisors and lawyers for various municipalities and county municipalities, partly based on special framework agreements.

Our lawyers provide legal and strategic advice to public administration on the following types of cases:
• Questions of impartiality
• Questions of authorization in municipalities and county municipalities
• The legal framework for the operation of IKSer and other municipal entities organized as separate legal entities
• Questions of access to information
• The ability to set conditions for favorable decisions
• Handling compliance with the regulations on public support and public procurement
• Handling whistleblowing cases in public administration
• Questions of data privacy
• Litigation cases.