Competition law and EEA law 1

Competition law and EEA law

The Competition Act and EEA law contain prohibitions against anti-competitive agreements and abuse of market power. The regulations are strictly enforced by national and international competition authorities and require specialized expertise.

Rasmussen & Broch has extensive expertise in competition law, and our lawyers have experience from both the Norwegian and Brussels competition authorities. Companies come to us to ensure that their business operates within the framework of competition regulations. In addition, both private and public entities may have questions about the regulations on public support in the EEA agreement. In larger cases, it may be necessary to collaborate with economists with particular expertise in the field of competition economics.

The competition lawyers provide legal and strategic advice in the following types of cases:
• Competition law assessment of acquisitions, mergers, and other corporate transactions.
• Design and quality assurance of distribution agreements, licensing agreements, and various forms of cooperation agreements.
• Assistance in possible illegal cooperation such as price and tender cooperation, including handling of the relationship with the competition authorities.
• Evaluation of measures that may constitute illegal abuse of dominant position. Advice for dominant companies to comply with competition rules in the best possible way. Assistance in connection with complaints to competition authorities.
• Development of internal guidelines and compliance procedures, among other things, to minimize the risk of violating competition rules.
• The ability to provide public support to market players without conflicting with the regulations on public support.”